PagerDuty has become one of the most widly used on call and incident management systems on the market. We personally use PagerDuty to track major events in Pingsphere. We use the Events API v2 PagerDuty provide to send events from pingsphere.

To configure this you will need:

  1. API Auth Token
  2. Integration / Routing Key

API Auth Token

The API tokens are managed under Configuration -> API Access. Once you have generated an API key your panel should look something like this:

Integration / Routing Key

These can be configured  in two ways, either the global ruleset or a dedicated service.

Global Ruleset integration

The global ruleset integration key can be found in Configuration -> Event Rules. This allows all alerts to come into a default service for further filter rules to be configured.

New Dedicated Service

A new service can be created by navigating to Configuration -> Services -> New Service. This new service will need to the Integration Setting set to Use our API directly with Events API v2 selected.

Adding A PagerDuty Alert Integration

Using the two keys you just generated create your Alert Integration in the Pingsphere console.