Slack has recently changed the way in which you manage integrations with either a webhook or an App. We've opted for the longer term supported App integrations however this does come with a bit more configuration required. Our integration works with all slack account types.

Configuring a Slack App

  1. Ensure you are signed in your slack account.
  2. Navigate to slack build.
  3. Name your app: PingSphereBot
  4. Select your workspace
  5. Select Create App

This will have created an application and should have forwarded you to a the application configuration page.

Scroll right to the buttom of this page and update the Description and image. Download our logo here: Pingsphere Black Logo or Pingsphere White Logo. Remember to save your changes.

Configuring the Permissions

In order for your app to work it needs to be granted permission to write into a channel and join public channels. Navigate to OAuth & Permissions on the left hand navigation.

Scroll to Scopes > Bot Token Scopes and add channels:join, chat:write & chat:write.customize as bot permissions. This will now enable you to install it into your workspace at the top of the page.

After it's been installed you should have a Bot User OAuth Access Token that you will need to copy for later use when adding the alert integration.

Finally you need to invite the bot user PingSphereBot into the channel you would like to receive alerts.

Add Slack Alert Integration

You can now create the alert integration using the channel name and
Bot User OAuth Access Token you just created.