Users & Billing

This section provides information on Users Accounts, Billing, Invoices, Pricing, Billing FAQ's.

My Account

My Account gives you the ability to manage your email address and password. It also provides you with your customer ID if we ever ask you to provide it.


In the billing pages you will be able to add a card, view invoices and update your plan.

Card Management

All cards are stored in Stripe and added / updated through stripes card integration. We only support a single card to an account at a time. In the future we plan to move to multiple ways of billing customers through stripes integrations.


Every month on the date that you sign up to the account you will be creating an account and will be issued an Invoice for the amount of your chosen plan.


After much time and thought into the way we'd like to structure our pricing we designed a concept of monitors. Where a monitor = 1 check or provided service to the customer. As an example a single ICMP check is a single monitor. This allowed us to easily scale pricing in the future where we can add new features without altering the pricing structure each time.

Our plans:
   - 20 (Free)  
   - 50 (£9.99)
   - 100 (£19.95)
   - 200 (£27.99)
   - 500 (£54.99)
   - 1000 (£97.50)
   - 1000+ (Contact Us)

Billing FAQ

  • All Billing is processed through Stripe.
  • We do not store any card details in our system (the ones displayed are pulled from stripe on page load).
  • Stripe creates monthly invoices for all customers even for the free plans.
  • All billing is pro-rate so upgrading your account mid-month will instantly bill you for that upgrade till the end of that month.